- Sound Board Magazine


"A guitarist of pronounced, envy-inducing ability, Jonathan Nicholas fuses his wealth of skills together with a naturally performative talent and a truly staggering breadth of influences, ranging from Grunge, to Blues, Folk, Country and every nuanced step in-between for an intimate, finely-crafted product."

- Swansea Fringe Festival 


"This isn’t light gentle acoustic, there’s a strength to the guitar playing and vocals that give it a power and feel that a lot of acoustic artists just don’t have." - Swanscene



Jonathan is an acoustic blues musician & songwriter who's influences range from the early blues masters (Robert Johnson, Son House, Blind Blake...) to the likes of Neil Young, Richard Thompson, Nick Drake, The Beatles and Jeff Buckley. Having released his first album 'Tangled Web' which is a collation of the early blues he has gigged for the last few years, his next EP 'Rolling Eyes & Sighs' leans more on his more contemporary influences. 

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